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New strategic partnership between Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and The Floor

Milan, March 22, 2019 – Another milestone in four years long partnership between Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and technology platform The Floor has been achieved earlier this week in Hong Kong.

The Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, Group’s company which oversees, implements and accelerates innovation development processes and projects has signed a partnership deal with The Floor Hong Kong, the premier technology platform which recently opened a new base in the leading city in the Greater Bay Area.

The aim is to support the Innovation Center activities to accelerate international scale-ups of Italian companies in Asia, to provide a training program for young talented managers of the Bank and to facilitate the scouting of wealth management technology platforms in the Chinese market.

The agreement follows on from previous experiences with The Floor which began in 2016 when Intesa Sanpaolo co-founded its foundation in Tel Aviv.



Intesa Sanpaolo, Italy’s first digital bank

Milan, February 27: Intesa Sanpaolo, a banking leader in Italy across all business areas, has recently become the country's first digital bank – reflected in 8 million-plus multi-channel customers, 3 million Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile app users and 53 million-plus mobile transactions made since beginning of 2018. Furthermore, according to Forrester Research, one of the most authoritative and influential independent research companies in the world, Intesa Sanpaolo's retail digital platform – its online bank – is rated among the three best digital banks in Europe (Evaluation/Benchmark European 2017). The strategy for the future lies with the digital channels, in line with the objectives set out in the Business Plan: investments of €2.8 billion over three years to increase the bank's digitised business to 70 per cent.


Intesa Sanpaolo in Los Angeles with four films

Milan, February 19 2019 – For the second consecutive year, Intesa Sanpaolo is taking part in the “Los Angeles Italia Film Festival 2019” held from February 17 until February 22 in Los Angeles, as a special partner.

At this year’s event will be shown four films that have been produced with the financial support of Intesa Sanpaolo: Modalità Aereo by Fausto Brizzi (Producer Casanova Multimedia), Mia Martini – Io sono Mia by Riccardo Donna (Producer Casanova Multimedia), Il Primo Re by Matteo Rovere (Producer Groenlandia) and I Moschettieri del Re by Giovanni Veronesi (Producer Indiana Production).

The Festival, held in conjunction with MIBACT, ANICA and ICE, concludes with the award to Matteo Rovere as ‘Director of the Year’ for his film Il Primo Re, produced by Groenlandia with the financial support of Intesa Sanpaolo.

Thanks to Intesa Sanpaolo Group’s strategic presence throughout Italy and in foreign markets, and its specialized Media & Entertainment Desk within its subsidiary Mediocredito Italiano, it can help with the internationalization of Italian companies and act as a reference point for foreign investors in the motion picture sector.

Since 2009 Intesa Sanpaolo Group has provided more than 1 billion euros to over 70 producers, supported over 400 audiovisual productions, such as The Young Pope and L’Amica Geniale.