Intesa Sanpaolo takes Tiepolo’s Last Judgment to the Hermitage

Visitors of the Hermitage Museum of Saint Petersburg will be given the privilege of admiring Giovanni Battista Tiepolo’s painting - The Last Judgement, one of the main features of Intesa Sanpaolo’s rich art collection as part of Bank’s ongoing L’Ospite illustre (“Famous Guest”) programme – in which major art works are taken from another collection or given on a loan and put on short-term display.

“Giving one of the most important paintings of Intesa Sanpaolo art collection on a loan to Hermitage Museum of Saint Petersburg, just after exchanging the two Caravaggio works with the Metropolitan Museum of New York, is an ultimate recognition for Gallerie d’Italia, coming from the world most reputable museums. It is a great source of pride for Intesa Sanpaolo to be able to co-work on projects that disseminate Italian art and contribute to raising notability of our masters abroad.”, says Michele Coppola, Head of Cultural Activity at Intesa Sanpaolo.

The exhibition is open until July 16, 2017.