Intesa Sanpaolo and ISSNAF are pushing for a rethink of global economy according to Circular Economy principles

Intesa Sanpaolo and ISSNAF, The Italian Scientists and Scholars in North America Foundation, are co-promoters of the “Award for Innovation & Circular Economy”, a call dedicated to all Italian researchers currently working in the United States and Canada to submit concrete scalable solutions aimed at shaping the prosperity of the 21st century. The Award seeks to bolster the best innovative ideas and projects involving the regenerative and restorative principles behind the Circular Economy, as identified by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the most influential global player in this field. In particular, it aims at investigating how, through a change in perspective, we can re-design the way our economy works designing products that can be “made to be made again” and powering the system with renewable energy. Participants were invited to demonstrate efforts and competencies in circular design to facilitate product reuse and recycling in areas such as material selection, standardized components, designed-to-last products and separation or reuse of products and materials. Finalists presented their ideas at the Intesa Sanpaolo Hub in New York, on June 20th, and the jury awarded Giulia Plotti with a certificate and a $3,000 cash prize, thanks to an innovative project “Tracy”: the young engineer created an app that works as a “track and recycling coach”. Tracy’s main features aim to enable a recycling chain with the possibility for users to check their results and become actors of the circular economy; moreover, through a gamification process, the app can measure and inform citizens of their results and reward them for their efforts.