Special Edition

Fashion takes a byte of the Big Apple

Technology plays an ever more crucial role in fashion. Especially in New York, where Intesa Sanpaolo is introducing Italian digital start-ups to local partners. This is one of the many services run from its New York hub, which supports international corporates and big Italian players.


Towards a greener Gulf

Intesa Sanpaolo is powering developments in infrastructure, sustainable energy and green transport in the states of the UAE and beyond – all part of its long-term commitment to the circular economy


The London effect

If you’re in tech, then the UK capital is a must. That’s why Intesa Sanpaolo runs one of its four worldwide hubs from London and why it recently took a group of Italian digital entrepreneurs there. This special edition explains why the city is important and what Intesa Sanpaolo can offer. We also caught up […]


The future is East

Asia’s growing middle class – together with a desire to adopt the circular economy – present massive opportunities. That’s why Intesa Sanpaolo is supporting European start-ups through its Hong Kong hub


Unlocking the world’s hottest technology centre

Intesa Sanpaolo is joining forces with innovators in Israel to help Italian start-ups and car-makers benefit from digital expertise and venture capital.


The Gulf, growth and opportunity

Intesa Sanpaolo is expanding its international presence, helping clients access some of the most vibrant markets in the world. The Gulf region is just such a place.


The power of 10

Ten years ago, Intesa Sanpaolo created a banking powerhouse that today serves clients globally


The world’s new superhighway

One Belt, One Road is a project of continental ambition