The science behind our love for Da Vinci

The science behind our love for Da Vinci


How Pirelli joined the Circular Economy

The tyre-maker is securing its own future by committing to sustainable goals, after a new deal with Intesa Sanpaolo


Covid-19 and the macroeconomic fallout

Intesa’s head of macroeconomic research on the outlook for the world economy after Covid-19


In a global eco-emergency, nature is our inspiration for real change

Research into natural processes combined with design thinking is helping to generate not just new solutions, but new ways of looking at the problems of planet Earth


Circular Economy lending: building a new world through finance

Three people behind sustainability work at Intesa Sanpaolo explain the criteria used to decide who gets funding, why investors need educating on sustainability and why innovative thinking is more important than ever


Designing smart cities

How do you implement circular economy systems in a complex city environment?


Canova and Thorvaldsen: two greats of neo-classicist sculpture together in a new exhibition

Our Milan show celebrating sculptors Canova and Thorvaldsen is reopening and viewable virtually


The Greater Bay Area: a bright new horizon for European businesses

Intesa Sanpaolo set up a roadshow to introduce Italian and UK business to the opportunities on offer in the Greater Bay Area – a region whose GDP will double in the next 10 years


Fashioning a sustainable future

In 2015, the production of clothing contributed more greenhouse gases to the environment than all international flights and shipping combined. We discover the Italian denim company working to high green standards and hear about the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s commitment to helping the fashion industry clean up its act


Novathon 2019: keeping up with tech’s rapid change, with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak

The co-founder of one of the world’s most successful tech companies speaks to us about AI and how the pace of today’s technology is unparalleled.


Remaking the future of the car

The circular economy has huge potential for the car industry. In this podcast of the Intesa Sanpaolo Talks programme, we visit Italian automotive remanufacturing company Sermec to learn more about Italian way to a circular economy


Momentum for the green revolution

Welcome to the fourth episode of Intesa Sanpaolo Talks. In this podcast we look at the bank’s relationship with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation


A connection that dates back centuries

Welcome to the third episode of Intesa Sanpaolo Talks. In this podcast episode we explore how technology and art have always been intertwined


Taking a bite out of the circular economy

Welcome to the second episode of The Italian Way To A Circular Economy podcast series. Here we’ll be looking further at how the circular economic model affects what we eat


A world without waste

Welcome to the first of the Intesa Sanpaolo Talks. In this podcast series, we’ll be looking at the Italian way to the circular economy