Nurturing People

The bank promotes achievement and competition, but always with humanity

Andrea Pavlovic moved from the civil service and academia to a senior position at PBZ, Intesa Sanpaolo’s Croatian subsidiary


We are at a unique crossroads. It is an incredible experience to take part in shaping Intesa Sanpaolo’s future

Fuensanta Diaz Cobacho says she was attracted to join Intesa Sanpaolo by its people and growth ambitions


There are lots of opportunities and there is a lot to be done

Joman Salama is bringing a paradigm shift to the chief operating officer role at Alexbank, the Egyptian subsidiary of Intesa Sanpaolo


I feel proud of what we’ve achieved as a team

Currently the youngest manager in Intesa Sanpaolo’s international network, Ufuk Cemal Bali runs the Istanbul branch


“Intesa Sanpaolo has, at its core, personality, which really makes it stand out in the City”

Jessica Rees-Hole works as Senior Legal Counsel in the London office of Intesa Sanpaolo. She joined the bank in 2015 after spending five years at an English law firm based in London and is enjoying the European and International focus of the job.


The mix of nationalities and constant learning is very rewarding

Kinga Babics loves living and working in Italy


Introducing new clients to the bank is a huge source of pride

Neil Derfler enjoys building relationships for the long term


Sitting down with a prospective customer for the first time, starting that adventure, that’s exciting!

Karine Maupiler believes it’s all about taking an entrepreneurial approach and says relationships are at the heart of commercial strategy


I was looking for different challenges,
to get out of my comfort zone

For Hedi El Karoui working for an Italian bank in Dubai could hardly be more perfect


Living abroad is like a gift box that stays open, filling up with new experiences and new challenges

Chiara Yu Long says working for Intesa Sanpaolo has helped her to fulfil a childhood dream.


There are differences in cultures, but deep down everybody wants the same thing

Paolo Vivona learnt how to read Chinese and how to run the Japanese way.  


You acquire a different perspective

Meghraj Shah has found that international experience not only improves business relationships but enriches life, too.


You have the chance to meet so many different cultures

Ivan Ivicic believes managing several markets enables you to see how ideas, technologies, processes and behaviour move from one place to another.


We are a small world within which you find many countries

Novella Burioli enjoys the diversity and opportunities to learn that Intesa Sanpaolo has offered her.