Creating impact banking

A Circular Economy makeover for the fashion industry

Fashion is one of the biggest polluters on the planet. Intesa Sanpaolo is helping to reinvent it with the Circular Economy


Techstars in Turin: setting the wheels in motion for a smarter future

A Turin-based incubator, together with the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, is helping innovative tech companies to make our cities smarter


Finance will drive the move to a Circular Economy

Watch our film to learn more about how we’re supporting the transition


Banking on a sustainable future for all

In the second of our articles on impact banking, Intesa Sanpaolo leaders outline key strategies that will enable the bank and its clients to make a real difference for society and the environment


Our ambition: to become the world’s impact bank

Leaders from across Intesa Sanpaolo explore how to embed ESG values and make a sustainable, positive difference for planet and people


A celebration of Raphael’s genius

After Raphael – 1520-2020 at the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, with Intesa Sanpaolo and Banca Intesa as exhibition sponsors, features works by Poussin, Ingres and many more, inspired by the master from Urbino


Tiepolo: undisputed master of rococo

A comprehensive Milan exhibition hosted by Intesa Sanpaolo showcases the Venetian painter’s gift for creating extraordinarily vibrant, theatrical works


Stefano Del Punta: championing change and building the future

Intesa Sanpaolo’s chief financial officer on how using finance to change things for good is a big part of the bank’s identity


A Circular Economy for food: from sour taste to zero waste

The global food system is ripe for disruption, particularly in cities


A feather in the cap for Naples

Inspired by the curls and swirls of the natural world, Art Nouveau was hugely popular across Italy. A new exhibition, supported by Intesa Sanpaolo, celebrates the fact


Artemisia Gentileschi: woman, mother, painter, heroine

A new National Gallery exhibition in London, supported by Intesa Sanpaolo, explores the work of a 17th-century painter long overdue celebration


Europe’s Green Deal: it’s time to act, together

The Circular Economy Action Plan, part of the Green Deal Agenda from the European Commission, aims for a cleaner Europe by 2030. How can business and finance play their part?


The coronavirus crisis captured in time

Italy’s largest festival of photography is among countless cultural events affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Undeterred its organisers set out to create an extraordinary record of this troubled year


Food and the Circular Economy: a recipe for the future

Niko Romito has developed a diversified system that comprises Michelin-starred restaurants and gastronomic projects that all campaign for sustainable, healthy food


Five reasons why the Circular Economy is a great idea

The Circular Economy has the power to transform the planet for the better. This video explains why we are supporting the move for change


How Pirelli joined the Circular Economy

The tyre-maker is securing its own future by committing to sustainable goals, after a new deal with Intesa Sanpaolo


In a global eco-emergency, nature is our inspiration for real change

Research into natural processes combined with design thinking is helping to generate not just new solutions, but new ways of looking at the problems of planet Earth


Circular Economy lending: building a new world through finance

Three people behind sustainability work at Intesa Sanpaolo explain the criteria used to decide who gets funding, why investors need educating on sustainability and why innovative thinking is more important than ever


Designing smart cities

How do you implement circular economy systems in a complex city environment?


Canova and Thorvaldsen: two greats of neo-classicist sculpture together in a new exhibition

Our Milan show celebrating sculptors Canova and Thorvaldsen is reopening and viewable virtually


Remaking the future of the car

The circular economy has huge potential for the car industry. In this podcast of the Intesa Sanpaolo Talks programme, we visit Italian automotive remanufacturing company Sermec to learn more about Italian way to a circular economy


Momentum for the green revolution

Welcome to the fourth episode of Intesa Sanpaolo Talks. In this podcast we look at the bank’s relationship with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation


A connection that dates back centuries

Welcome to the third episode of Intesa Sanpaolo Talks. In this podcast episode we explore how technology and art have always been intertwined


Taking a bite out of the circular economy

Welcome to the second episode of The Italian Way To A Circular Economy podcast series. Here we’ll be looking further at how the circular economic model affects what we eat


A world without waste

Welcome to the first of the Intesa Sanpaolo Talks. In this podcast series, we’ll be looking at the Italian way to the circular economy


A collection fit for royalty

Masterpieces of the 16th and 17th century are reunited in their original palace home


When romanticism and revolution met

An exhibition in Milan focuses on the “forgotten” 19th century


Intesa Sanpaolo is taking on economic and social challenges for a new perspective on growth

Intesa Sanpaolo’s conference on social responsibility held in Milan, January 28th, examined how the key to success is to put society, culture and the planet at the heart of how we do business


Putting fun into family finances

Giovanna Paladino, director of the Museo del Risparmio in Turin, Italy and Alexander Resch, chief executive of Intesa Sanpaolo’s Slovakian subsidiary VUB bank, tell Giulia Rhodes how their new digital edutainment platform is helping individuals shape their own finances


Reaping the benefits of impact economy

By investing in non-profit businesses and people, Banca Prossima makes an impact on society at large and remains profitable at the same time. A revolution based on its results is about to start at Intesa Sanpaolo


The Agrati brothers: an extraordinary artistic legacy

An exhibition of works collected by renowned industrialists and collectors Luigi and Peppino Agrati is on public display for the first time as Intesa Sanpaolo’s Gallerie d’Italia unveils Art as a Revelation – a window on one of contemporary art’s most exciting private collections.


One trillion reasons why we need a circular economy

Intesa Sanpaolo has joined forces with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to help businesses recognise their systemic responsibilities and capitalise on redesigning their business models through regenerative innovation


The wet rag reborn as a masterpiece

The Restituzioni project has restored 1,300 cultural treasures to their former artistic glory over three decades. They include a 17th century altarpiece stolen by thieves and abandoned in a wood


How Italy and New York shaped banking

The story unfolds in the archives of Intesa Sanpaolo


Paolo Scheggi: star of the 1960s now shining brightly

There’s real depth to the work of an Italian artist who used layered canvases pierced with holes to create a startling hybrid between painting and sculpture. Alastair Smart explores his sudden popularity


Giosetta Fioroni: Italian Pop art’s silver surfer

Now in her eighties, the only female member of the School of Piazza del Popolo is riding a wave of popularity. The cool, chromatic restraint of her canvases, characterised by the use of silver enamel paint, makes her work appear more contemporary than ever – and auction prices are on the rise


Mapping Italy’s banking history

Intesa Sanpaolo’s interactive guide to its roots – a World Map – tells us much about the past of finance and its future


Grisha Bruskin: a 20th-century Russian “icon”

When the Iron Curtain fell it revealed a whole generation of contemporary Soviet artists. One of the greatest is the subject of a new exhibition at the Palazzo Leoni Montanari in Gallerie d’Italia in Vicenza


Mimmo Rotella: the poster boy of Italian Pop art

Ripping posters from city walls, Mimmo Rotella created a new form of art. It’s now highly valuable


Art on tour

Six stunning vedute from Intesa Sanpaolo’s collection – including a Canaletto – are on show in Zagreb and Belgrade. It’s all to help promote cultural relations. “Intesa Sanpaolo operates in countries rich in culture and heritage and believes that cultural activities are a way to foster friendship across communities” – Gian Maria Gros-Pietro, Chairman of […]


The plastic ocean: how to profit and help fish

The switch to a circular economy – based on reuse and regeneration – can’t come fast enough for forward-looking business leaders.


Art can paint a picture of how the world sees your business

Italian bank Intesa Sanpaolo is determined to share its extensive collection of masterpieces with the communities where it works.


Roberto Matta: forgotten hero of Surrealism

His work influenced the likes of Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning, yet the Latin-American painter remains relatively unknown. Now there are signs that his reputation is slowly on the up


Caravaggio plays Naples

Intesa Sanpaolo’s art loan programme with great galleries around the world brings a musical masterpiece home


What goes around comes around…

…which is why we need to adopt a circular economy fast


Perspectives on the past

Official archives of the Intesa Sanpaolo group throw light on a century of Italian banking history – and have an important role to play in preserving the country’s cultural heritage


A black mark for modern art

Deletion is the key technique of ‘visual poetry’ by Emilio Isgrò


Securing a sustainable future

Intesa Sanpaolo is widely recognised as one of the most sustainable companies in the world. Elena Flor, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, tells Sophy Buckley what it has been doing to achieve such status


Crafting the future through preserving Egypt’s traditional skills

An innovative programme from ALEXBANK is helping Egypt’s skilled craftsmen preserve their heritage and boost the economy


Plastic sea: how to help fish and make a profit


Caravaggio, down-and-dirty genius

‘St Ursula’ shows Caravaggio at his most autobiographical


Was Canaletto’s nephew the better painter?

The turbulent relationship between two great Venetian painters


Investing in Slovakia’s cultural future

How the Mal’ba art contest shapes artistic heritage


Futurism to Arte Povera: Italy’s quest for a modern artistic identity

Utterly different movements define the 20th century – one looking forward, the other harking to the past


Italian Pop art: ripe for rediscovery

After being ignored for decades, Italian Pop artists – such as Enrico Baj and Giosetta Fioroni – are gaining recognition outside their homeland. Their work, says Alastair Smart, exemplifies the cultural confidence of the Sixties


A nation in profile

The Italian artist Luciano Fabro produced 40 sculptures in the boot-like shape of his homeland, several examples of which belong to Intesa Sanpaolo. But, asks Alastair Smart, was he making a political statement?


Piero Manzoni: trick or treat?

The Italian is notorious for his Merda d’Artista – a series of 90 cans of his own excrement. A satire on the pretensions of the art world or the final word in self-expression? In trying to decide, Alastair Smart looks at two important works


Building a new relationship between bank and community

At a time when the state is retreating from providing services such as elderly care, not-for-profit organisations are stepping in to fill the gap. Giulia Rhodes hears from the chief executive of Banca Prossima how the bank is meeting the unique needs of the third sector.


To infinity and beyond

As the founder of Spatialism, Lucio Fontana would boldly go where no artist had gone before. Critic and TV presenter Alastair Sooke delves into the holes and cuts that characterise the Italian’s work.


Alberto Burri: a stitch in time

An Italian abstract artist is finally receiving the recognition he deserves a century after his birth. Alastair Smart assesses the legacy of Alberto Burri, several of whose works are owned by Intesa Sanpaolo.


Saving the treasure of the past: now and forever

From ancient statues and medieval altarpieces to 19th-century paintings and theatrical costumes. Silvia Foschi, co-ordinator of Intesa Sanpaolo’s Restoration Programme, tells Giulia Rhodes why the private sector must help shoulder the cost of preserving Italy’s artistic inheritance


The circular economy: lessons from a round-the-world record breaker

With the world’s resources under pressure, the global economy needs an urgent change of focus. Giulia Rhodes hears why Intesa Sanpaolo, partner in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, is committed to a circular economy.


The home and soul of Italy

The renovation of author Alessandro Manzoni’s house in Milan – funded by Intesa Sanpaolo – is more than an exercise in architectural heritage. It is also a celebration of the man who gave Italian unification a literary voice. Robert Galbraith explains why the project matters.


Francesco Hayez: painter hero of Italian Romanticism

A new exhibition in Milan, part of Intesa Sanpaolo’s cultural heritage programme, focuses on the creator of The Kiss and his role as “art’s great idealist of national thought”. Alastair Smart explains why the work continues to be central to Italian history.


La Scala – Still “the drawing room of Milan”

As La Scala opens the doors for its new season, the opera house remains, after more than 200 years, the city’s hottest ticket, thanks in part to sponsors such as Intesa Sanpaolo. Giulia Rhodes finds out why


When less is more

An initiative to scrap paper that saves money and speeds up service has resulted in an important industry award for Intesa Sanpaolo, writes Caroline Dix


Intesa’s Turin tower is named one of the 10 most environmentally friendly new buildings in the world

Numerous technologies reduce the 38-storey tower’s carbon footprint. Moreover, it is a public amenity as well as the bank’s offices, says Giulia Rhodes.