At the heart of Europe with Europe in our heart

As Intesa Sanpaolo affirms its plan to build the number one European bank, Francesca Passamonti, its Brussels representative, explains what eurozone growth and political changes mean for the banking sector


Trump and Brexit cast a shadow over world trade

The UK’s departure from the EU and Trump’s dispute with China bring the threat of serious economic repercussions


Design for life: how planning experience grows business

Head of experience design at Intesa Sanpaolo, Fabio Salierno tells Giulia Rhodes how the bank’s commitment to innovation and design is supporting its growth


Celebrating a special relationship

Antonio Fallico, chairman of Banca Intesa in Russia, tells Giulia Rhodes how the country in which he has now spent more than 40 years is full of exciting and diverse possibilities for investors


The Balkans: a prosperous meeting of East and West

Intesa Sanpaolo sees the potential for economic growth in the region – as long as historical conflicts do not flare up again, says Robert Galbraith


Sitting pretty: Italy’s furniture industry

It’s said that good design is written into Italian DNA. Artisan traditions, innovation and global ambitions have given it a seat at the top table


Israeli fintech powers innovation

A year on from the launch of Tel Aviv tech hub The Floor, European banks are reaping the rewards.


European impact investment hits the mainstream

Eurizon believes environmental, social and governance criteria should be integral to the entire product range.


Novathon #withPBZ

Fresh ideas are the fuel of the fast-moving world of fintech


Intesa Sanpaolo grows reputation in M&A

Adopting a sector-coverage model brings unprecedented rewards


Italy’s bond powerhouse:
Intesa Sanpaolo pilots World Bank deals

$1.5bn raised cements international relationship


La Vie en Rose: inside
Intesa Sanpaolo’s Paris branch

With increasing international investment, a strong focus on innovation and the headquarters of some of the world’s biggest global companies, France is special, believes Adriana Saitta, general manager of Intesa Sanpaolo’s Paris branch.


Banking in Spain: Natural allies exploit common ground

Intesa Sanpaolo is a leading bank in Spain as well as Italy, with particular strength in the corporate bond market. Robert Galbraith meets Marco Pizzi, the organisation’s head in Madrid, who suggests its success is partly explained by shared Mediterranean sensibilities.


Why Italy’s luxury industry is booming

Record sales and increasingly global presence: that’s how the country rules the high-end market as never before.


Technology takes to The Floor

A project aimed at encouraging fintech start-ups opens in Tel Aviv in June – supported by Intesa Sanpaolo. Andrew Davis hears from Dani Schaumann, the bank’s country adviser, why Israel is at the cutting edge


Innovation marathon: smart thinking in Budapest

Bestselling author and bank futurist Brett King is star guest at an ideas competition in the Hungarian capital, where teams from startups, universities and colleges will compete to develop new banking applications for smart devices. Chris Price hears King’s advice


What Catherine the Great can teach us about banking in Russia

When the St Petersburg International Economic Forum opens on 16 June it will feature a space promoting Italian business and industry, curated by AO Banca Intesa. Robert Galbraith talks to Antonio Fallico about his role as chairman of the first Italian-owned bank in Russia.


London Innovation Centre: a new meeting place for the future

How the bank is helping investors and entrepreneurs from around the world develop the most promising businesses of the future.


Banking on an international future

Massimiliano Cattozzi, Intesa Sanpaolo’s head of international network, tells Giulia Rhodes how the bank’s internationalisation is helping Italy do business with the world.


Cuba: building a new economy

Stefano Stangoni, Intesa Sanpaolo’s global head of financial institutions, tells Giulia Rhodes how the bank, and the Italian economy, are ready for the possibilities of Cuban development


Innovation, a world without frontiers

Maurizio Montagnese, Head of Intesa Sanpaolo’s Innovation Center, talks about the impact of the new ideas on banking.


Intesa Sanpaolo Corporate and Investment Division, a growing and powerful presence on the world stage

As Italy’s largest bank, Intesa Sanpaolo has the opportunity to expand its business abroad. Giulia Rhodes looks at how new branches in the Middle East and Asia will add to its global footprint


Transparently better for people and the planet

At Eurizon Capital, success means finding a shared way of seeing the world. Giulia Rhodes hears how Intesa Sanpaolo’s asset-management arm combines innovation and diversification of products with the challenge of sustainability


A window on the world

For small and medium-sized businesses the need to expand overseas is of headline importance. Robert Galbraith learns how Intesa Sanpaolo is helping firms in Italy capitalise on the country’s strength as a brand.


Liquidity is not enough

Home to organisations such as the World Bank Group, Washington DC is a hub for global infrastructure investment. Andrew Davis speaks to Intesa Sanpaolo’s Chief Representative Officer in the city, helping Italian companies secure contracts on the international stage.


Reaching out to the world

Intesa Sanpaolo serves more than 8 million customers from 1,100 international branches. So it is perhaps no surprise that the head of its International Subsidiary Banks Division should be from Spain. Ignacio Jaquotot explains to Robert Galbraith how innovation is changing the way banking is done around the world.


Doing business better

Advances in global transaction banking mean that Intesa Sanpaolo clients will soon enjoy faster, safer and less stressful ways to pay, says Soppy Buckley.


A home from home – welcome to modern banking

As Intesa Sanpaolo unveils the first of its redesigned branches, Giulia Rhodes learns that queues and desks have been replaced by homely furniture, cultural showcases and a warm welcome


When less is more

An initiative to scrap paper that saves money and speeds up service has resulted in an important industry award for Intesa Sanpaolo, writes Caroline Dix