The plastic ocean: how to profit and help fish

The switch to a circular economy – based on reuse and regeneration – can’t come fast enough for forward-looking business leaders.


The trends driving transport innovation

Driverless cars, green fuels and personalised infotainment systems are just some of the developments set to change the ways we get about and the places where we live, as the recent EcoMotion conference in Tel Aviv showed.


What goes around comes around…

…which is why we need to adopt a circular economy fast


Securing a sustainable future

Intesa Sanpaolo is widely recognised as one of the most sustainable companies in the world. Elena Flor, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, tells Sophy Buckley what it has been doing to achieve such status


Crafting the future through preserving Egypt’s traditional skills

An innovative programme from ALEXBANK is helping Egypt’s skilled craftsmen preserve their heritage and boost the economy


Plastic sea: how to help fish and make a profit


Building a new relationship between bank and community

At a time when the state is retreating from providing services such as elderly care, not-for-profit organisations are stepping in to fill the gap. Giulia Rhodes hears from the chief executive of Banca Prossima how the bank is meeting the unique needs of the third sector.


The circular economy: lessons from a round-the-world record breaker

With the world’s resources under pressure, the global economy needs an urgent change of focus. Giulia Rhodes hears why Intesa Sanpaolo, partner in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, is committed to a circular economy.


The green shoots of a natural economic revolution

The natural bounty of Italy’s land and sea is increasingly being used for innovative means. Giulia Rhodes meets the author of Intesa Sanpaolo’s major new report on Europe’s flourishing bioeconomy.


Intesa’s Turin tower is named one of the 10 most environmentally friendly new buildings in the world

Numerous technologies reduce the 38-storey tower’s carbon footprint. Moreover, it is a public amenity as well as the bank’s offices, says Giulia Rhodes.